Tim Bickerton (°1956 )is born in Shropshire (UK)

He attended the Sheffield Art School from 1974 to 1978
While Studying, Tim worked summers in a stained glass studio, in South-West of France.
After 1980, he worked as prop-master for the Nottingham Playhouse. This allowed him to expand his visual vocabulary
and his knowledge of materials.
He eventually became a freelance set-designer, working on shows in London's West-End and other places in the UK.
Between 1988 and 1995, Tim worked as a Realist Sculptor and Art Director, creating museum projects and
site-specific installations for exhibitions around Great Britain, the Caribbean, and Egypt.
Tim is inspired by his travels. In 1979 he cycled from Sheffield to Southern France. The physical discipline this required
has helped him to gain focus and to overcome negativity. His lifelong affinity with the South-West region of France culminated in a permanent move in 1990.
Another place that is important for Tim is New York, which he has visited frequently, staying at a friend's apartment, overlooking the World Trade Centre site.
Between 2002 and 2005 Tim made a series of paintings based on the post-9/11 view of this vast space that had so tragically been created in the middle of the city.
Finally, his travels in India inspired a series of vibrant and boldly coloured canvases.

Artist statement

The paintings are about the act of painting.

Sketches, collages, pre-work on paper, all showing my state of mind during the process, leading to the point where the idea started.

Paintings that just happen.

I get satisfaction from producing images that are quickly drawn from television, overlaying more images as quickly as they change.
Paint splattered, watching the paint move, sculpting the surface. I use the debris around me as a visual reference in my paintings. Accidents that happen naturally.
I am still trying to use images I’ve seen on the streets in India, such as discarded fabrics, plastics, brash, bold colour, urban, in the earth toned streets, splashes, drags, pools, ruins, textures, distressed ...
It’s the human footprint on the landscape. I work on two canvases at the same time, I prefer to look at paintings as a reflex, and it’s not necessarily a conventional way of looking at the world.
The creative process chooses its own path, not always a pleasant experience.

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